Six basic tips for designing a website

Six basic tips for designing a website

Creating a web page can be a bit complicated, as you have to take into account several factors before getting down to work business system solution company malaysia. Initially, you have to be clear regarding the name of the domain. It has to be easy, simple, and short to remember. It happens to be also vital to select the platform with which you wish to create the website: Wix, WordPress, or Jimdo are some options that allow you to create pages for free. 

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Some tips are here to bear in mind at the time of creating a design:

-Do not use many colors. To achieve a good design, do not overload the web page with colors and elements that are not very pleasing to the eye. 

In addition 10kb, it is recommended that the colors are light and shades that are too dark or with high contrast should not be used. 

– Do not make use of in excess of two typographic fonts. It happens to be essential to choose a font that supplements the domain. It is advisable to use one typeface for the titles of the publications and another for the body of the text. A website use to be envisioned to be displayed on digital screens. Therefore, it is advisable to use Sans Serif typeface; that is to say, letters without auction. Meanwhile, in the titles you can apply letters with a cap or Serif typeface. Here an example of both.

Don’t overload the pages with too much content. It is better to avoid excessive stimuli on the web page, such as alerts, animations, too many videos, etc. Not for a design matter only, but for the loading time of the website also.

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In order for users to enjoy quick and easy navigation, it is recommended not to add elements that may be too heavy, such as animations, high-quality images, long videos, etc. It happens to be sensible uploading images that have a weight limit. In no case must the image exceed 1Mb. The videos are better to integrate them from other platforms, either Vimeo or YouTube.

– Neither should it seem like a website without content. The key is always in the middle. The user should not find a web page with only three posts and one image. Internet users must find a website where they must scroll a minimum to find content. It is also not advisable to create tabs for very small content, it is better to group small content in a single space.

– Respect the blank spaces. Do not “contaminate the air”; which is, the contents must not be combined without blank spaces or separations between them. This not only generates a worse viewing experience, but also makes it difficult to read the content and access it.

– Maintain the balance between images and texts. The websites must add, in some cases, texts and images in equal parts. That is, you should not add too long texts that do not include at least one photograph in between.